Is everyone really doing things to upset you? Are people really that mean? Are your employees just not listening to you?

There is a real shift in our thinking when we realize other people are just doing the best that they can, with what they have.  What we do at LEAF Advising is help you and your team begin to understand that everyone is simply doing their best.  This is  the first step to organizational SUCCESS!!

Our Story

Walter trains people from around the world on how to achieve their desired results by recognizing their potential, defining their purpose and taking them in the direction of achieving their dreams.

Before joining The John Maxwell Team and becoming Director of LEAF Advising, Walter enjoyed his work as an international educator, specializing in growing and building organizational cultures. With over 20 years as an educator.  From teaching in the classroom, to managing and building Charter schools.  Walter has served youth, teachers, parents, and communities striving to deliver stronger and healthier educational systems.

Walter also worked diligently with organizations like The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Junior Civitan and The Special Olympics to bring education and self worth to youth.  His belief and passion for our youth to be more, do more and have more is evident in his youth programs in the community.

Walter gives all credit for every accomplishment he has every had to God and his family.

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Walter Finnigan

Founder & CEO

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